You can find this information and more in the Sp’akw’us 50 Race Bible.

Registration For The Sp’akw’us 50 Closes at Midnight June 14, 2017

Package Pick up Times
Friday June 16, 2017 6pm – 9pm
Saturday RACE DAY June 17, 2017 7am – 10am


11:00 AM June 17, 2017
Garibaldi Springs Golf Course behind the Executive Suites Hotel & Resort
40900 Tantalus Rd, Squamish BC

***Important Driving Directions***

If Driving North to Squamish, please turn right of Highway 99 at Mamquam Rd (The Canadian Tire Intersection that you may remember from the Test of Metal), then take the 4th  left turn onto Garibaldi Way (Yup, still on the old Test of Metal Route). Continue along Garibaldi Way to turn right onto Tantalus Rd. You will have made a slight detour off and around the Highway to get to this point but much easier and safer to go this route than trying to turn left onto Tantalus Rd from Garibaldi Way. Tantalus Rd is only 200 m from the Highway but there could be a backed up traffic situation if everyone tried this route (trust us, you won’t be the only one to try turning left off of Garibaldi Way). The venue, Garibaldi Springs Golf Course behind the Executive Suites Hotel & Resort, is on the right hand side. Please do not park in the parking lot unless advised to do so.

If Driving South to Squamish, you can either turn left at Garibaldi Way (This will take awhile with a short turning arrow off the Highway and an awaiting left hand turn on Tantalus. 2 tight Lefts always makes a wait”) or you can proceed to Mamquam Rd to make that left hand turn and follow the procedure outlined above.

Know your directions and where you will be coming from. Please leave yourself with enough time to get here on Saturday Morning SAFELY! If you have not picked up your race package/ Number Plate on the Friday Night before then again, make sure you leave enough time to get here safely and on time. No Number Plate = No Race! Our highways have become quite busy on the weekends so please keep the speeds down to legal limits to avoid accidents and speeding tickets. Consider yourself informed.

Parking will be outlined in the Race Bible issued soon, watch your e-mail address that you used to register for this race with. For smartly prepared individuals, park at Brennan Park recreation Centre and Rider over with your number plate attached. This is your warm-up and when your race is finished, you car will be parked at a facility that has showers!

Course description

This is a 50km rugged trail race. We strongly suggest that you pace yourself accordingly and ride within your ability at all times.

Kids Race

FREE Kids race starts at around 11:30am because sometimes kids aren’t timely. Heats will be arranged by wheels size with run bikes having their own categories. There are no medals on the line for these young riders so they can focus only on the fun time riding with new friends but we all know that competitive fire creeps in. Registration and Number Plate Pick-up is at Corsa Cycles 38192 Cleveland Ave, Squamish BC from Saturday June 10 to Thursday June 15, 2017. Make sure your little rider has their number plate on their bike as that is their ticket to ride! This event will be capped at 300 riders. For out of town kid racers, contact the event website e-mail address for coordination. This will be done without guarantee of entry but we will do our best.

View the Race Bible