Hello Sp’akw’us Racers and Participants,

We are excited to be hosting the Sp’akw’us Events which include the Sp’akw’us 50km June 20th, the Sp’akw’us 35km June 21st and the Sp’akw’us Challenge 2-Day Stage Race the weekend over June 20th and 21st 2020

2020 race info will be available closer to race start date, but for reference you can review the relevant forms and documentation for the 2019 events.  THESE LINKS ARE FOR INFORMATION ONLY. Links for the 2020 event will be marked once available:

Package Pick-up:

For the June 2020 event, all participants will be required to sign in and receive their number plate.  This package pick-up for all events will be located at the Executive Suites Hotel clubhouse 40900 Tantalus Rd, Squamish, BC. Package Pick-up is open on:

Friday, June 19th from 6pm – 9pm,

Saturday, June 20th from 8 am – 10 am, and

Sunday, June 21th from 8 am – 10 am.

An important reminder that all racers will require photo ID (and/or photo bearing Race License) and a signed Waiver to race.

Participants will be required to complete a One-Day-Licence-Form.  We will have Waivers and One Day License forms available at package pick-up.


On June 20th & 21st, there is no parking along Tantalus Road in front of the hotel (please see map in Technical Guide on page 5).  Parking is provided on the golf course via the west end of Newport Ridge Drive.  Signs are posted to direct you to the parking area.  Walking paths link the parking area to the event (starting) area.  Parking in hotel parking lot is for hotel patrons ONLY (see map on page 5).

Racer Warm-Up:

The course will be open for warm up at 9:30 am on both race days, but please stay out of the immediate area of the start corral until 10: 30 AM, 30 minutes before race start at 11:00 AM. Warming up on any municipality roads outside of the venue is strictly prohibited as your safety could be at risk. Please respect the residents in the area and use the ample space within the park for warm ups. Helmets must be worn AT ALL TIMES when riding the course & failure to comply will result in disqualification.

Course Marking & Conditions:

The courses are signed in THREE DIFFERENT COLOURS.

Sp’akw’us 50 – Saturday = BLUE

Sp’akw’us 35 – Sunday = YELLOW

Wrong Way – Both Days = RED

Race Etiquette

Standard Race Etiquette applies. If a rider has caught up to you either going uphill or downhill, they are faster than you. If they ask to get by you must let them pass as soon as it is safe for you to do so. Riders who refuse and are causing a mighty stir, can be reported and will be subject to public shaming during the awards ceremony.

Please be kind and respectful to one another out there. More importantly, be kind to the volunteers.  Any racers treating our volunteers in an un-Canadian way will be deported via a small row boat with paper oars.

Bear Aware

We share our trails with many different user groups, including wildlife.  Please respect their home and do your part to pack your garbage out.  This includes gel packs and water bottles.  While our volunteers and sweeps do what they can to clean up any accidental debris, we need our racers to do their part in keeping our trails clean and our wildlife safe.

Encountering Injured Racers on Course

Safety team number: 604-815-7361.

If you come across an injured rider. Slow down to see if they are OK. If they say yes, keep riding and stop to alert the next race marshal that there has been an injury on course and the location.
If they are NOT OK or non-responsive then wait for the next racer and flag them down. Have this rider continue along the course to notify the next marshal with the location of the injured rider and their race number.

What to do if you get injured or pull out of the event

Call or text our safety team at 604-815-7361.

If you get injured, if it is safe to move, try to get off to the side of the race course. Flag the next rider down and tell them to signal the next race marshal that help is needed, your race number and the location.
Head injuries are serious. If you have crashed and hit your head DO NOT CONTINUE the race. Contact the safety number and wait for help to arrive.

If you pull out of the event, for any reason, please notify a course marshal or text your NAME and RACE NUMBER to 604-815-7361.

Race Cut-Off Times

Saturday, June 20, 2020: TBA

Sunday, June 21, 2020: TBA

No Dogs Allowed

Dogs are not allowed on the golf course.  DO NOT leave any animal in a car, even with the windows down.

Post Race Events

You will receive a Backstage Pass card that will allow you to redeem your post-race food and beverage.  Please do not lose this as we will only issue one per rider.  Sharpies will be available at Registration and we recommend you write your name on your card in the event you misplace it.

Also available is a complementary bike check, and on Saturday volunteers permitting, a complementary bike wash.