The Sp’akw’us 50 Course Map

The course map is subject to minor changes. Please click the map to see the full size. See below for course description.

Race Course Details

Start at Garibaldi Springs Golf Course

-Winding Start Loop and winding climb to thin out the pack (Gotta love those explosive starts).

-eventually end up on Jack’s Trail (Does this Feel Familiar?) heading North to 50 Shades.

-up 50 Shades to Mike’s Loop.

-Mike’s Loop to Leave of Absence (Rob Phoenix’s New Trail!!!).

-Leave of Absence turning left onto the Mashiter FSR all the way over to Lower Powersmart (A Squamish Legacy Trail which became a JABR Classic) via Northside Connecter.

-Lower Powersmart to Your Mom via FSR Road in rough shape, there is nasty Hike-a-Bike on this section – sorry but it is Mountain Biking.

-Your Mom (Give “Credit” to the Builder for Cheeky Names) onto Pseudo Tsuga.

-At the bottom of the Stl’lhalem Sintl climb (formerly known as The Legacy Climb), head up. Waaay up. Like Friendly Giant “Waaay Up”.

-At top of Stl’lhalem Sintl climb head towards Half Nelson entrance onto Recycle (A Gearjammer Tribute).

-Recycle to the new George’s Crossing. George’s Crossing just got a new alignment!

-George’s crossing to Fred’s.

-Fred’s all the way back along Northside Connector to Ed’s Bypass proper entrance.

-Ed’s to Made in the Shade (This was in the first Squamish Edition of the Brodie Test of Metal!!!).

-Made in the Shade to Dead End Loop.

-Dead End Loop to Mini Tracks.

-Mini Tracks to Muzak (This used to be a nasty Hike-a-Bike).

-Muzak to Man Boob’s (Hahahaha, Man Boob’s).

-Man Boob’s to Bob McIntosh Memorial trail.

-Bob McIntosh Memorial trail to Mike’s Loop.

-Mike’s Loop to 50 Shades More.

-50 Shades More to Rupert.

-Rupert to Mashiter-Roller Coaster (Yes, a Test of Metal Tribute).

-Roller Coaster to Lumberjack (Once proposed to be in a recent edition of the Test of Metal).

-Lumberjack Exit onto Pia Rd. Could this be the best Lawn Chair viewing place on the course?

-Ria Rd Trail Exit to Cherub Trail.

-Cherub Trail to entrance of The Covenant for a few short meters before re-entering the golf course for the finish line.

-Once back onto the golf course watch your speed as there will be a few tricky corners before the finish line. This is not the place for a last-minute grab at the placing ahead of you!